The introduction of video surveillance began at the end of the last century. And now it is frankly problematic to imagine a security system at a residential building or at a production facility without these devices. In 2021, Distributor CCTV is everywhere: we are so used to them that we no longer notice. They can be found at checkpoints, in offices, in public areas, in entrances, in parking lots.

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However, everyone is so accustomed to video surveillance systems that they do not always understand in practice what they are needed for. Let’s figure it out.

Part of the security system

It should be noted that most of the criminals guessed to adopt modern technologies. They hide their faces under masks (during the pandemic it became especially convenient), and their hands under gloves (again, the pandemic has created many problems for law enforcement agencies). Often a technique is used for burglary, which is able to cope with complex electronic locks. But technical solutions have their own solutions. Criminals also mislead various identification systems, steal data in order to enter a closed area. And everything listed is not limited to.

Therefore, security systems must constantly evolve in order to have something to oppose this “arms race”. It is quite understandable that people want to protect themselves from criminal encroachments. Therefore, cameras are needed to monitor what is happening on the territory.

Thanks to outdoor cameras, you can:

— control a certain territory (a given zone or along the perimeter);

— install an automatic warning system in case of unauthorized entry, which can be connected to the alarm button at the guard;

— to keep track of what is happening even in complete darkness — it became real thanks to the infrared backlight;

— capture what is happening in high resolution, which subsequently allows you to easily identify a person’s personality. Moreover, modern street cameras make it possible to establish who exactly performed certain actions, even from a distance of several tens of meters;

— reduce the volume of offenses;

— fight forest fires.

Installing outdoor surveillance cameras is one of the most effective ways to prevent crime. Many criminals fear being filmed. As a result, the intention to commit the offense is abandoned in advance.

Also, thanks to cameras, it is possible to increase the efficiency of fighting forest fires. Cameras are installed close to the forest belt. As a result, as soon as a fire occurs, a corresponding signal is sent to the center. Thanks to this, a prompt reaction to what is happening is possible.

Also, safety is improved at the city level. Webcams and other versions of video surveillance systems allow you to record everything that happens. They transmit information in a stream online. In this case, for a certain time, data is recorded. As a result, if something happens, there is video recording. This often allows you to restore the chronicle of what is happening.